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Please only use the contact details below for club matters.

ADVERSE WEATHER on a Training Day – PLEASE do not contact your Team Manager or any other Club Officer to enquire whether a Training Session is on or off due to adverse weather. The HOME page will confirm if training is ON or OFF by 4.30pm and may be updated at 5.30pm on the day of Training.


Team Managers
U5 Juniors Alana Weston
U6 Juniors Garry Dale
U6 Juniors Elizabeth Dragos
U7 Juniors George Axson
U7 Juniors Taryn Williams
U7 Juniors Andrew Mansergh
U7 Juniors Robin Cleasby
U8 Juniors Ali Murrel 07919 412855
Kai SMith
Simon Edwards
U9 Boys Ian Macrae 07782 229488
Katie Moillet
U10 Boys Andy Winsor 07766 201698
U11 Boys James Chenery 07768 861270
SYG Girls Lisa Jalland
U12 Boys Jason Booth 07906 333006
U13 Boys Paul Bansil 07989 857032
U14-15 Boys Andrew Minhinnick 07974 262364
U13 Girls Ian Watts 07958 332814
U15 Girls Shakeel Dodhy
Surrey Trust League Jonathan Compton
Junior Section
Chairman Andrew Minhinnick 07974 262364
Head Coach Paula Winsor
Fixtures Secretary Dianna Giddens
Club parental Rep. James Chenery 07768 861270
First Aid Co-ordinator Emma Dale
BBQ Coordinator Cat Chenery 07711 300277
Bar Coordinator Ian Larter 07900 312793
Second Hand Kit Emma Compton 07590 011050
Cricket Club
Welfare Officer Catriona Barker
Membership Secretary Tom Nickels
Chairman Tony Edwards 07803 961104
Secretary Dan Allen 07772 307755
Sports Club
Manager Sarah White 01372 722487

If you would like to get more involved with club activities, any club officer will be happy to discuss this with you.