Cancellation of Training

Training will only take place if it is safe and practical to do so.  A decision will be made by the ground staff and Head Coach. Given the vagaries of the British weather and the nature of cricket pitches, we may not know whether a training session will be cancelled until just before it is due to start.

If a session is cancelled due to adverse weather, a message will be placed on the Home page of this website.

If there is any doubt, a decision will be taken at 4.30pm on Mondays and Fridays. If the weather changes significantly in the following hour, there may be an update on the website at 5.30pm. After 5.30pm, Club Officers are en route to the club and busy preparing for the training sessions and so website changes may not be possible.  

If you are in any doubt whether training will take place on arrival, please check before leaving your son or daughter at the ground. Likewise, should the weather change during training, please do not delay in returning to collect them.

Please do not email or text Team Managers or other Club Officers for this information. They will only have the same website information which is available to you.