BBQ and Rota

A Newcomer’s Guide to the Friday Night BBQ


1. The BBQ is stored in the shed behind the pavilion as are the gas canisters – ask a club officer where the key is.  There is a second BBQ next to the shed.  Please return the BBQs to the same places (one in shed, one next to it).

2. Bar has the float.

3. The buns are put in a big metal tray (opened up ready) next to the BBQ with a bunch of napkins.

4. The float, sauces and cheese are put on a table towards the customers.

5. Please be ready to start cooking at 6.30pm promptly as some families do prefer to eat earlier and also the food will largely be ready when dealing with the queues which form later in the evening.

6. We charge £2.50 for a burger and £2 for sausages. Onions and cheese are optional. We pre-cook the onions on the hob inside and keep them warm in a ceramic dish on the lid of the BBQ.

7. The cheese is Dairy Lee slices, each slice wrapped in plastic and quite sticky; so we had to tell people to be careful as it had plastic on it (you never know when folk have had a few drinkies!)

8. One person does the cooking and turning etc. We have a hot tray (kept warm in the hood of the BBQ where we put cooked meat and orders are taken from that. The person handling the meat must not handle the buns/ money etc. so not to transfer raw meat germs etc.

9. There usually isn’t enough change in the float, but the bar had that problem too.

10. Please keep back some sausages, burgers and buns for the coaches and coaching assistants!

11. Sometimes we have a couple left at the end which we give to the coaches and we cut prices in the last 5 minutes to get rid of everything!

12. It really helps having 3 people; 2 is quite hard work!