Age Groups

It is the Club’s policy that your child will train and play in their correct age group. Any exceptions to this are only be made by coaches in consultation with team managers if they consider it would be both beneficial to that players development. The final decision rests with the junior section head coach.

If you wish to discuss this with your age group coach we suggest that you consider the following:

  • Most age groups are entered into two leagues so there will be plenty of opportunity for match play
  • If your child is one of the stronger members in their age group, would they benefit more from being able to take a lead in the team?
  • They will be training and playing with others at a different stage of maturity, are they mature enough to do so?
  • If an older squad is at full membership there may not be the same number of playing opportunities as in the younger age group
  • Will they develop as quickly if they are not as successful in the matches they play as they would have been in their original age group?

We actively encourage talent we spot to move up an age group, but only if we consider them technically, mentally and physically up to the challenge.